Customer satisfaction, Excellence achieving


Keep operation in honest, lean, and integrity.
Develop and Inspire employee to achieve excellence.
Non-stop improvement to satisfy customer demands.
Being the green enterprise which leading technology.
Demonstrate real contribution to human society.

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Based on the spirit of “Customer satisfaction, Excellence achieving” Kinsus is focusing on providing solutions and making profits with leading technologies and correct marketing orientation.

Kinsus keeps decent growth since established in year 2000. It was rewarded as best growing companies for consecutive three years on Common Wealth magazine started 2002. The Common Wealth magazine also ranked Kinsus the second best operation performance company in 1000 manufacturing companies in Taiwan.

The semiconductor industry has been well developed in Taiwan. The strong supply chain has been established based on good human resources and technology incubation. The semiconductor back end technology has been migrated from lead frame into BGA packaging, and moving into Flip-chip packaging. Kinsus was established in this environment to provide industry with competitive solutions and fast time-to-market services.

Kinsus continues building a great potential team to demonstrate cooperation and creativity. The goal is to operate a company on honesty, integrity, and with excellent performance. We are making the company as a benchmark.

Kinsus will continue building the philosophy of lean and efficient to keep on good growth, and high quality services.

We also keep our promise on contributing the society and environmental protection. It is our vision and responsibility.